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Ulasan dan Pendapat Pakar atas Simba Space

Kisaran Harga

Hosting Berbagi Pakai Rp35.960 - Rp117.060
VPS Rp188.220 - Rp1.331.580
Server Terdedikasi Rp1.410.240 - Rp2.820.470
Hosting Awan Rp63.460 - Rp143.650
Pengecer Rp293.100 - Rp831.540
SSL Rp468.210 - Rp1.123.700

Data Centers

Haziq Pandit

Ulasan yang Disematkan

Haziq Pandit,
The service is amazing. Customer service is prompt and really help a customer. They are always available and solve your issues within minutes. Moreover the dashboard in the client area is easy to use....Lanjut Baca The mail regarding invoices, payment and customer support is fast and prompt. You can also check the recieved mails on the dashboard itself for references. All in all a great service. Must try.Lebih sedikit

Saat ini belum ada ulasan untuk Simba Space bahasa Indonesia, jika Anda memiliki pengalaman dalam layanan mereka, silakan menjadi yang pertama untuk menulis ulasan bahasa Indonesia

Harga, Paket & Fitur Simba Space tahun 2022

Paket Hosting Berbagi Pakai

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Panel Jumlah Situs Harga Skor
Standard 1 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 1 Rp35.960 10 Detail
Business Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas cPanel 3 Rp56.190 10 Detail
Premium Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas cPanel Tidak Terbatas Rp66.300 10 Detail
W-Standard 1 GB Tidak Terbatas Plesk 1 Rp55.250 10 Detail
W-Business Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Plesk 5 Rp85.780 10 Detail
W-Premium Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Plesk 10 Rp117.060 10 Detail

Paket Hosting VPS

Nama Paket Ruang CPU RAM OS Harga Skor
V1 SSD 20 GB 2 x 24.30GHz 2 GB Rp188.220 9.9 Detail
V2 SSD 40 GB 2 x 24.80GHz 4 GB Rp347.410 10 Detail
V3 SSD 80 GB 3 x 64.20GHz 6 GB Rp783.780 10 Detail
V4 SSD 120 GB 4 x 64.20GHz 8 GB Rp1.096.540 10 Detail
V1 HDD 30 GB 2 x 24.30GHz 2 GB Rp355.840 10 Detail
V2 HDD 60 GB 2 x 24.80GHz 4 GB Rp627.400 10 Detail
V3 HDD 120 GB 3 x 64.20GHz 6 GB Rp1.096.540 10 Detail
V4 HDD 240 GB 4 x 64.20GHz 8 GB Rp1.331.580 10 Detail

Paket Server Terdedikasi

Nama Paket Ruang CPU RAM OS Harga Skor
Standard 1 TB 2 x 2.40GHz 4 GB Rp1.410.240 10 Detail
Business 1 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 4 GB Rp1.880.310 10 Detail
Pro 1 TB 4 x 2.60GHz 8 GB Rp2.359.760 10 Detail
Elite 1 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 16 GB Rp2.820.470 10 Detail

Paket Hosting Awan

Nama Paket Ruang CPU RAM Lebar Pita Harga Skor
Personal Cloud 50 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 2 GB Tidak Terbatas Rp63.460 10 Detail
Business Cloud Tidak Terbatas 4 x 2.40GHz 4 GB Tidak Terbatas Rp143.650 10 Detail
Pro Cloud Tidak Terbatas 6 x 2.60GHz 6 GB Tidak Terbatas Rp91.780 10 Detail

Paket Reseller

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Panel Harga Skor
Essential 40 GB 716.8 GB WHM Rp359.590 10 Detail
Advance 50 GB 921.6 GB WHM Rp471.960 10 Detail
Pro 100 GB 1.2 TB WHM Rp606.800 10 Detail
Ultimate 200 GB 1.4 TB WHM Rp831.540 10 Detail
R1 10 GB 204.8 GB Plesk Rp293.100 10 Detail
R2 25 GB 512 GB Plesk Rp359.590 10 Detail
R3 50 GB 1 TB Plesk Rp456.040 10 Detail
R4 100 GB 2 TB Plesk Rp734.150 10 Detail

Paket SSL

Nama Paket Fitur Jaminan Harga Skor
Domain Validation (DV)
Basic Security
Rp152.720.000 Rp468.210 10 Detail
Organization Validation (OV)
Strong business level SSL
Rp152.720.000 Rp936.410 10 Detail
Extended Validation (EV)
Maximum Protection & Trust
Rp3.054.400.000 Rp1.123.700 10 Detail

Periksa Perusahaan Hosting Sejenis

  • 1
    Uang Kembali 30 Hari
    Ulasan Ahli
    Starting Price
    Rp2,50 / mo
    65 Paket Hosting
    2 Data Centers
    Over 400 Apps are available for 1-click installs
    High-performance SSD storage and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    24/7 Available Epic Support
    Kunjungi Situs
  • 11
    Uang Kembali Uji Coba Gratis
    Ulasan Ahli
    Ulasan tentang Kamatera 139 tinjauan
    Starting Price
    Rp0,00 / mo
    23 Paket Hosting
    12 Data Centers
    Purpose-Built, High-End VPS Data Centers Across 4 Continents
    Fastest Cloud VPS With Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
    Scalability And Ease Of Use
    Kunjungi Situs
  • 2
    Uang Kembali Setiap saat
    Domain gratis
    Ulasan tentang Hostwinds 1154 tinjauan
    Starting Price
    Rp0,00 / mo
    33 Paket Hosting
    3 Data Centers
    Enterprise-Level Solutions with Personal-Level Support
    Fully-Redundant Servers with 2N Redundancy Standards and T1 Carriers
    Award-Winning Web Hosting services suitable for Personal and Business use
    Kunjungi Situs
  • 70
    R3esolution Infotech Private Limited
    Uang Kembali 1 Hari
    Ulasan Ahli
    Starting Price
    Rp2,99 / mo
    12 Paket Hosting
    71 Data Centers
    100% Cloud Ready Managed/Unmanaged cPanel VPS 900% Faster Than Everyone Else
    Instant and Automated Deployment, Ready-To-Go OS Templates, WHMCS, Spam Free Email, FTP & MySQL
    24/7 Support and Service Monitoring Throughout The Year
    Kunjungi Situs

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