Bluehost Coupon Codes and Promotions in Oktober 2023

Discover significant savings discounts with Bluehost coupon codes. Start saving today by utilizing a coupon and unlock the best deals available.
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Up to 73% off on all hosting plans 

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Get up to 73% on all hosting plans 

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Bluehost Black Friday Deals

Bluehost offers a wide range of deals during Black Friday where you can expect deals like 60% off shared hosting, 50% off VPS hosting, 50% off dedicated hosting, and more than 50% off WooCommerce hosting. You can get a shared hosting plan for as low as $2 a month with its deals. The provider also offers deals for its other services, including up to 50% off domain privacy protection, 40% off WP Pro, and 60% off Office 365. So, not only will you get a discount for your web hosting, but you will also get a discount for other useful website products. 

Bluehost Helpful Information and Tips

  • How to use and activate Bluehost promo codes?

Click the Bluehost coupon you want to use and go to the Bluehost website. Select the plan you want to buy and click on the “Select” icon. Bluehost automatically shows you which plans are the most recommended and how much you save by getting the plan without applying a coupon.

This depicts the "Select" icon users need to click on to start the purchase process.

After clicking on the icon, you choose to set your domain settings now or skip that step and proceed.

This depicts the domain options that users can choose from or decide to set later.

With Bluehost, users cannot manually apply promo codes. That’s because the Bluehost coupon is automatically entered once you click on it. On the next screen, you will be required to input various info regarding payment, the plan and additional services you want, as well as to create or log in to an existing Bluehost account.

This depicts the screen where users need to put in their account and other information.

Near the bottom of the page, under the “Package Extras” section, you should be able to see the coupon and how much it decreased the total amount you need to pay under the “Savings” icon.

This depicts where users can see how much money they've saved with the coupon code they've used.


Finally, click on the “submit” icon at the bottom of the page to conclude the purchase.

This depicts where the users need to click to finish the purchase process.

  • What to do if your Bluehost promo code isn’t working?

Check if the Bluehost coupon you want to use is still valid and has not expired. Also, check if there are any requirements you need to meet in order to use the code, like a minimum spending amount, or maybe the coupon is only valid for new users. Additionally, check if your coupon is valid for the plan or service you want to buy.

  • Is coupon stacking allowed with Bluehost?

No, you cannot use more than one Bluehost coupon per purchase. So, if you want to use a coupon on more than one product, you will need to buy the products individually.

  • Does Bluehost offer coupons to existing customers?

Although most of the Bluehost coupons and promotional prices are for new users, existing users can also find Bluehost coupons they can use to save money.

  • How can you save the most with Bluehost?

Users can save the most money with Bluehost by taking advantage of its deals, coupons, and buying plans with the longest billing period.

  • Does Bluehost have renewal coupons and discounts?

Bluehost does not offer renewal discounts. The promotional prices and coupons are only valid for the first term, and Bluehost products are renewed at regular prices, which can be significantly higher than the discounted prices.

Bluehost Seasonal Sales to Look Forward To

  • Black Friday sale

Bluehost has annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales where you can save 60-70% off hosting and get a free domain.

  • Public holiday sales

Bluehost has frequent public holiday sales like on the 4th of July, and users can save up to 50% on new hosting plans and certain other services.

  • Seasonal sales

Bluehost offers seasonal sales each year like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah sales, where users can get exclusive promotions and save up to 70% on new plans.

Bluehost Custom Discounts Info

  • Student discount

There is no official student discount at Bluehost. Students can save money by using Bluehost coupons and getting up to 74% off on shared hosting and get a free domain for one year and a free CDN.

  • Sign up offer

Users that sign up for the Bluehost newsletter can get exclusive Bluehost coupons and deals that will enable them to save money on hosting plans, domains, and other additional services like security features. The Bluehost newsletter also informs users of all new deals and discounts as soon as they are available.

  • Military discount

There isn’t a special military discount available at Bluehost. However, military members and veterans can take advantage of the various Bluehost coupons to save up to 67% on sitewide purchases or up to 65% on WordPress hosting.

  • Sale section

While there isn’t a designated sale section on the Bluehost website, the amounts users can save are presented for each hosting plan. Bluehost products and services are almost always 30-70% off, and the longer your hosting plan period is, the better value for money you get.

  • Cashback

There is no official Bluehost cashback program users can join. So, users can save money by using Bluehost coupons and discounts to get up to 71% off on shared hosting plans or up to 50% off on VPS and dedicated server hosting plans.

  • Business discounts

There is no special business discount with Bluehost. However, businesses can save money by using Bluehost coupons to save up to 70% on eCommerce hosting with a completely customizable online store and a free SSL and domain name.

  • Rewards program

There is no official rewards program users can join with Bluehost. However, by being a member, i.e., a user, and by subscribing to its newsletter, you will be immediately informed of the latest Bluehost coupons and deals, which can get you up to 74% off on certain web hosting plans.

  • Promo codes for first orders

Most Bluehost coupons and promotional prices are valid for new customers, and if you are one, you can get between 30-60% off on your first order, depending on the type of hosting plan you choose.

  • Promo codes for returning customers

Almost all Bluehost coupons and promo codes are valid for existing customers. So, make sure to subscribe to the Bluehost newsletter to take advantage of the numerous discounts and save up to 65% on web hosting, SEO tools, domain, SSL Certificate, and CDN.

  • Coupon codes on social media

You can follow Bluehost on Twitter and other social media to take advantage of the special offers that Bluehost offers to its social media followers. This will keep you up to date with the latest Bluehost news.

Bluehost Quick Rundown

Bluehost is perfect for anyone that’s looking for easy-to-use, beginner-friendly, and affordable hosting. Bluehost also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with free backups and security features like CodeGuard, which is excellent for anyone that is concerned about their website’s security. For a more detailed analysis of Bluehost, check out our expert review.

Read our full Bluehost Review here >> menyediakan tinjauan hosting web secara profesional yang sepenuhnya terbebas dari entitas mana pun. Tinjauan kami tidak memihak, jujur, dan menerapkan standar evaluasi yang sama bagi semua pihak yang kami tinjau.

Meskipun kami menerima kompensasi keuangan dari beberapa perusahaan yang tercantum di situs ini, namun kompensasi dari layanan dan produk tidak berpengaruh pada arah dan kesimpulan dari tinjauan kami. Kompensasi tidak juga memengaruhi peringkat yang kami tetapkan untuk perusahaan host tertentu.
Kompensasi ini digunakan untuk menutup biaya pembelian akun, biaya pengujian, dan royalti bagi peninjau.