Tinjauan Ahli DialWebHosting 2019

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Penilaian DialWebHosting

  • Keandalan
    9 / 10
  • Harga
    9 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    9 / 10
  • Dukungan
    7 / 10
  • Fitur
    8.5 / 10
Dinilai oleh Ilya Hazanov

Hosting in Brazil since 2000

DialWebHosting has been in business since the year 2000 and they have built themselves up to be a popular option for people in Brazil.  They offer a variety of different hosting options including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.  You can also sign up for a reseller account or just email hosting if you prefer.  They have a number of impressive certifications such as the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and QSI ISO 9001.   They also rank well with their actual users, which is a very important factor.

Uptime & Reliability


Very Stable Hosting

The hosting with this company is in a great data center with high quality security, redundant power and network connections and a proven reputation for stable hosting.  They do have a great reputation for quality in all areas.  In fact, they are rated with a 99.95% customer satisfaction, which is quite impressive and comes, at least in part, from the fact that they have stable hosting.



Quality Hosting Features

Even from the most basic hosting package you will be able to get unlimited disk space and traffic, which is nice.  As you move up to higher level packages you will get additional features such as free website migration and more.  They offer both windows and Linux for the operating system, and they have cPanel for the control panel.  You can opt to have a private SSL certificate if you need it. They also have password protected directories, custom error pages, managed websites and much more.  Overall they have all the different features that you would expect from a well-established hosting company.



Support Improves with Higher Hosting

This company provides you with unlimited email support only when you sign up for their entry level service. If you move up to a higher package, you can also use their live chat support.  The higher you go, the better the overall support you get.  I'm not a big fan of this support model since everyone deserves the help they need when they need it.



Low pricing Options

The pricing with this company starts out low and never gets over priced.  The entry level shared hosting package is $1.95 if you pay for three years at a time.  This is a very nice discount and gets you good hosting for a long time.  Of course, most people don't want to pay for three years at a time.  The shared hosting options must be paid at least annually though, which is a problem for some people. When you move up to VPS or dedicated servers you can pay monthly, since the prices are quite a bit higher.  Even at dedicated levels, however, you only pay between $79 and $599 for some very nice hardware.


Nice Quality Hosting at Affordable Prices

Overall this company provides you with a very nice service at a good price.  There isn't too much that really sets them apart, but they aren't really missing anything either.  For the vast majority of people who just want good quality hosting, this is a nice option to consider.  This is especially true if you are in or targeting the Brazilian area. Pros:
  • Lots of options
  • Great prices
  • Proven Service
  • Support is based on the hosting package you choose

Ulasan Pengguna DialWebHosting

Berdasarkan 86 tinjauan pengguna dalam 2 bahasa

Skor pelanggan untuk DialWebHosting

  • Keandalan
    9.5 / 10
  • Harga
    9.4 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    9.5 / 10
  • Dukungan
    9.6 / 10
  • Fitur
    9.5 / 10

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Layanan Rentang Harga
Shared Hosting Rp13.780 - Rp50.030 Lihat Paket
VPS Rp259.580 - Rp1.013.650 Lihat Paket
Dedicated Server Rp1.145.610 - Rp7.671.220 Lihat Paket
Cloud Hosting Rp1.305.130 Lihat Paket
Layanan dan Harga diambil dari www.dialwebhosting.com

Harga, Paket & Fitur DialWebHosting tahun 2019

Paket Hosting Berbagi Pakai

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Harga Score
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp13.780 9.5
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp28.280 4.8
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp28.280 9.5
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp42.780 9.5
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp42.780 9.5
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp50.030 9.5

Paket Hosting VPS

Nama Paket Ruang RAM OS Harga Score
20 GB 512 MB Rp259.580 9.2
20 GB 512 MB Rp433.600 9.5
30 GB 1 GB Rp459.700 9.5
30 GB 1 GB Rp633.710 9.5
40 GB 1 GB Rp694.620 9.5
50 GB 2 GB Rp839.630 9.5
40 GB 1 GB Rp868.640 9.2
50 GB 2 GB Rp1.013.650 9.5

Paket Server Terdedikasi

Nama Paket Ruang RAM OS Harga Score
500 GB 2 GB Rp1.145.610 9.2
500 GB 2 GB Rp1.145.610 9.5
1000 GB 4 GB Rp1.435.640 9.6
1000 GB 4 GB Rp1.435.640 9.5
1.95 TB 8 GB Rp5.060.980 9.5
1.95 TB 8 GB Rp5.060.980 9.5
1.95 TB 16 GB Rp7.671.220 9.5
1.95 TB 16 GB Rp7.671.220 9.5

Paket Hosting Awan

Nama Paket Ruang RAM Lebar Pita Harga Score
200 GB 2.93 GB 1 TB Rp1.305.130 10

Lokasi Server

Kota Kansas

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Periksa Perusahaan Hosting Sejenis
308 tinjauan
Mulai Rp72.510 / bulan
265 tinjauan
Mulai Rp65.260 / bulan
411 tinjauan
Mulai Rp14.510 / bulan

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