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    8.0 / 10
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    8.7 / 10
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    8.3 / 10
  • Dukungan
    8.1 / 10
  • Fitur
    8.5 / 10

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  • Keandalan8
  • Harga10
  • Mudah Dipakai10
  • Dukungan8
  • Fitur10

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Hosting merupakan suatu space atau tempat di internet yang kita gunakan untuk menyimpan data-data situs kita. Entah itu situs perusahaan, situs pribadi, situs blog, dan lain sebagainya. Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan memb...Lanjut Baca


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Shared Hosting Rp0 Lihat Paket
VPS Rp985.950 Lihat Paket
Layanan dan Harga diambil dari googiehost.com

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Ditulis oleh: Yuriy Gandyak

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  • Keandalan
    9 / 10
  • Harga
    10 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    8 / 10
  • Dukungan
    8 / 10
  • Fitur
    8 / 10
Dinilai oleh Yuriy Gandyak

Quality free hosting company

GoogieHost is a web hosting company that provides free hosting to customers.  They also have premium hosting options, which provide you with some added features.  The premium hosting is still very cheap.   The company has been in business since 2011, and they are based in India.  They have grown to support over 73000 clients at this time, and they are growing quite quickly. Unlike most free hosting companies, you will actually get some pretty decent features when you sign up here.  Their hosting is all shared, which is not surprising, but it is quite reliable.  The loading speed has had some complaints, but for the most part it is always up and running, which makes this an attractive company for anyone who just needs a decent host, but speed is perhaps not the primary concern. The really interesting thing with this company is that they don't make you put up their ads or banner saying you are hosted with them.  This is typically required whenever working with a free host.  It is not exactly clear how they are making their money, unless they are really pushing their premium services once you sign up.

Uptime & Reliability


Surprisingly reliable hosting

When you sign up for free hosting, you typically expect there to be uptime problems.  This company, however, says they have 99.99% uptime guarantees, which is even better than many paid companies.  Of course, if they don't meet these SLAs there is not much that can be done since you're not paying for the service anyway. From what I can find, however, the sites are quite stable and rarely experience any actual outages.  Some people have complained about loading speeds, which is a common issue with shared hosting when the servers are oversold.  For many webmasters, however, this may not be a major problem.



Everything you'll need is free, premium options cost

Everything you need for basic hosting comes included in the free package.  You will be limited on things like disk space and bandwidth, but the limits are surprisingly high (for a free host).  Those who want a larger site will run into these limits, and may need to upgrade.  New customers do get a free SEMRush account, which is really quite a nice perk. You can use their website builder free of charge, and make a very nice looking site without any problem. Anything other than the basic hosting requirements, however, will require you to upgrade to their premium services, which start at just $25 per year.  



Good support from India based tech teams

The support provided by this company is way better than most people would expect, given the price.  They have a 24/7 tech team available to call and they can typically fix most issues right away.  Since they focus their efforts just on simple shared hosting, this likely makes it easier to identify and fix problems fast.

From what I could find, they don't have much by way of self-help options.  They do have a blog, but when I visited it, the page was out of service.  I can't tell if they are just no longer using it or if it is just a technical issue.



Free hosting or inexpensive upgrades

If you are looking for free hosting, this is really the best company I have seen.  You'll get more than any other free hosting company can offer, and you don't even need to display their ads.  Even if you upgrade to their premium option, it is only $25 per year, and you get a pretty decent package at this level. For those who are really concerned with price, this is an excellent company to consider.


The best free hosting around

This company provides good hosting at a truly unbeatable price.  If you're looking for the lowest priced hosting on the net, you should absolutely check into this company and see if they can meet your needs. Pros:
  • Free hosting
  • No ads
  • Free SEMRush account
  • Some complaints of slow load times
  • No room to grow if your site gets popular
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Paket Hosting Berbagi Pakai

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Jumlah Situs Harga Score
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp0 9.0
Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas Rp0 3.9

Paket Hosting VPS

Nama Paket Ruang CPU RAM OS Harga Score
25 GB - 2 GB Rp985.950 7.6

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