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  • Keandalan
    4.4 / 10
  • Harga
    4.4 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    4.8 / 10
  • Dukungan
    4.4 / 10
  • Fitur
    4.4 / 10

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Jesus Glez
Amerika Serikat
  • Keandalan 2.0
  • Harga 2.0
  • Mudah Dipakai 2.0
  • Dukungan 2.0
  • Fitur 2.0

Do not waste money, is trash

Layanan menggunakan: Berbagi Pakai - Unlimited Plan
horrible in all aspects. and lastly they modified the page they put pictures of spaghetti dishes over my information, I had to close that website urgently, where is the protection of the bravenet clients?
Barnard Levine
Amerika Serikat
  • Keandalan 2.0
  • Harga 2.0
  • Mudah Dipakai 2.0
  • Dukungan 2.0
  • Fitur 2.0

Absolutely horrible--'Unlimited Bandwidth' is a complete lie

Layanan menggunakan: Berbagi Pakai - Unlimited Plan
Bravenet advertises 'unlimited bandwidth' but this is a lie. Unknownst to the user, they put what they call 'soft limits' on your bandwidth usage, so if you go over that they will, without notice, take your sites down for being 'o...Lanjut Baca
Colin Buckingham
  • Keandalan 8.0
  • Harga 10
  • Mudah Dipakai 10
  • Dukungan 10
  • Fitur 10

Bravenet to be recommended

Layanan menggunakan: Berbagi Pakai
I have been using Bravenet now for several years and can only say I am very satisfied. They have allowed me to create some professional looking websites very quickly using their Hosting Pro package for $100/year and their ready templates.
anthony dias souza
Amerika Serikat
  • Keandalan 8.0
  • Harga 6.0
  • Mudah Dipakai 8.0
  • Dukungan 6.0
  • Fitur 6.0

Liked Bravenet hosting over others I have tried

About four years ago, I searched the web for a hosting service and after trying several, I hit upon Bravenet and ultimate had three simultaneous sites with them for about three years but had to give up my sites when I was hospital...Lanjut Baca


Layanan Rentang Harga
Hosting Berbagi Pakai Rp113.430 Lihat Paket
Layanan dan Harga diambil dari www.bravenet.com

Tinjauan Ahli Bravenet 2018

Ditulis oleh: Craig Timmins

Penilaian Bravenet

  • Keandalan
    8 / 10
  • Harga
    9.5 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    8.5 / 10
  • Dukungan
    7 / 10
  • Fitur
    8.5 / 10
Dinilai oleh Craig Timmins
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One Plan, One Price, One Great Hosting Solution

Bravenet are a fairly well known company that have been about for quite some time now, and have managed to establish themselves as a major player in the hosting world. The cheapest plan on offer is $8.25, and whilst that seems expensive the features you get with the plan are pretty awesome. If you are looking for budget hosting you won’t find it here, but if you are serious about your sites future then the unlimited hosting, support and extra services are certainly worth your time.

Why Choose Bravenet Hosting?

  • One price, one plan
  • Unlimited options
  • Secure and reliable
  • User-friendly and good support options

Want to know if Bravenet Hosting is right for you?

Let's check it out.



Secure and Robust, but Could Offer More Uptime Stats

It is hard to find stats and details on reliability and uptime for Bravenet, but what we do know is that daily backups are created of your site, and then stored offline. Most reviews out there of the Bravenet service point to good uptime and secure servers, which goes to show as they claim to have a robust sever and connection monitoring. Add on to that the UPS and generator power backup and you are safe as houses.



Unlimited Plan With Great Hosting Tools

There is a lot of Unlimited talk with the Bravenet hosting plan, which can only mean a good thing. For $8.95 per month you have the ability to add unlimited websites into one plan, and benefit from not just unlimited email accounts but also unlimited storage and bandwidth as well.

Analytics, spam and virus protection, and access to plenty of webmaster tools are just some of the other perks of taking out your hosting at Bravenet.



Dedicated Support Centre, but Lack of Phone Number

Bravenet have a dedicated support section on the site which at first appears to be overwhelming with information, categories and links to many different places. Unfortunately live chat, email and phone numbers are not present on the site which is a shame for a service that seems to offer everything.

What you do get though is a wiki documents section, a member’s forum, and a ticket support area. They seem more interested in you providing your issue by submitting a form in order for them to get back to you.

  • Wiki Documents
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket System
  • No live chat
  • No support team location mentioned
  • No Direct Email
  • No Telephone Number



One Price With Discounts on Terms

There is just one price with Bravenet Hosting, no messing, no confusion just one price with discounts for how long you commit for. For example you pay $8.95 on a monthly rolling contract but if you were to pay yearly you will pay just $99, and for two-years the price equals $179.

The price offers you good value for money, as the features and tools that come with this Bravenet plan are useful and very much needed for a successful site.



A Pleasant Experience With Lots to Offer

The site itself is very stylish and laid out in a manner that will help you navigate to the areas you need. The only problem is that not much information is given on the hosting offered by Bravenet unless you sign-up for a free account – which is a great strategy to capture your details regardless of whether you are going to commit to a paid hosting plan.

With FTP access, a site builder to help you create a company site from the ground upwards, as well as a CMS system, and you have usability in the palm of your hands.


The Host with One Plan and One Brilliant Price

I’m quite impressed by Bravenet, apart from a few glitches in the support department they offer a fantastic product for a fantastic price. There is no confusion on which plan is better, or what price suits you because its one plan for all.

The unlimited feature options, reliability, and usability are all above average, which makes Bravenet a tempting option for small businesses and individuals. If you are looking for budget level hosting or enterprise level hosting you are best shopping elsewhere, but for everyone else Bravenet provide you with a good alternative.


  • One Plan for One Great Price
  • Secured and Monitored Servers
  • Unlimited Options
  • Tools and Features Are Exceptional


  • Support is missing vital contact details
  • More details on uptime and stats
  • No good for enterprise size businesses
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