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Kunjungi Visual Idea Network

Ulasan dan Pendapat Pakar atas Visual Idea Network

Kisaran Harga

Hosting Berbagi Pakai Rp16.710 - Rp183.780
VPS Rp284.020 - Rp768.500
Server Terdedikasi Rp968.980 - Rp2.606.220
Pengecer Rp183.780 - Rp501.200
SSL Rp183.780 - Rp2.673.040

Data Centers

Penghargaan Visual Idea Network

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test


Bahasa Ulasan

Saat ini belum ada ulasan untuk Visual Idea Network bahasa Indonesia, jika Anda memiliki pengalaman dalam layanan mereka, silakan menjadi yang pertama untuk menulis ulasan bahasa Indonesia

Harga, Paket & Fitur Visual Idea Network tahun 2022

Paket Hosting Berbagi Pakai

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Panel Jumlah Situs Harga Skor
PREMIUM HOSTING 5GB NVMe Storage (Basic Plan) 5 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 10 Rp60.150 10 Detail
PREMIUM HOSTING 15GB NVMe Storage (Economy Plan) 15 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 10 Rp93.560 9.9 Detail
PREMIUM HOSTING 50GB NVMe Storage (Business Plan) 50 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 10 Rp183.780 9.9 Detail
BASIC HOSTING (PERSONAL) 10 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 5 Rp16.710 9.9 Detail
BASIC HOSTING (ECO PLAN) 20 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 10 Rp40.100 9.9 Detail
BASIC HOSTING (Plus Plan) 100 GB Tidak Terbatas cPanel 50 Rp83.540 9.9 Detail
BASIC HOSTING (Unlimited Plan) Tidak Terbatas Tidak Terbatas cPanel Tidak Terbatas Rp167.070 9.9 Detail

Paket Hosting VPS

Nama Paket Ruang CPU RAM OS Harga Skor
German VI VPS Server Linux Bronze 100 GB 2 core 2 GB Rp284.020 9.9 Detail
German VI VPS Server Linux Silver 200 GB 2 core 4 GB Rp334.130 9.9 Detail
German VI VPS Server Linux Gold 300 GB 6 core 8 GB Rp501.200 10 Detail
German VI VPS Server Linux Platinum 500 GB 8 core 16 GB Rp768.500 9.9 Detail

Paket Server Terdedikasi

Nama Paket Ruang CPU RAM OS Harga Skor
Ryzen Pro Dedicated Server 240 GB 8 x 3.40GHz 32 GB Rp1.336.520 9.6 Detail
VI Dedicated Server 1 64 GB 4 x 1.80GHz 8 GB Rp968.980 9.9 Detail
VI Dedicated Server 1 256 GB 8 x 4.00GHz 32 GB Rp1.837.720 9.9 Detail
VI Dedicated Server 3 256 GB 8 x 4.50GHz 64 GB Rp2.606.220 9.9 Detail

Paket Reseller

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Panel Harga Skor
VIN Reseller Started 25 GB Tidak Terbatas Plesk Rp183.780 9.9 Detail
VIN Reseller Advance 50 GB Tidak Terbatas Plesk Rp317.430 9.9 Detail
VIN Reseller Business 80 GB Tidak Terbatas Plesk Rp501.200 2.0 Detail

Paket SSL

Nama Paket Fitur Jaminan Harga Skor
Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL
The lowest cost install SSL certificate
99% browser recognition rate, no chained installation
Automated online validation – no paperwork
Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
FREE “Secured by RapidSSL” site seal
Risk free: 30 day refund and reissue policy
Optional – Installation Support Available!
$10,000 warranty
Rp146.615.500 Rp183.780 9.9 Detail
Domain validated, 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
Immediate "No Hassle" SSL certificate issuance 24/7
Unlimited server licenses
Automated validation - no paperwork
FREE site seal
Risk FREE 30 day refund policy
Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
Trusted by all popular browsers with 99.3% Ubiquity
$10,000 Relying Party Warranty
FREE site seal, FREE PCI scanning, FREE daily website scanning
FREE 24/7 Technical Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Rp146.615.500 Rp200.480 9.9 Detail
Full business validated certificate
2048-bit industry standard SSL Certificate
Unlimited server licenses
99.3% Browser coverage
FREE EV Corner of Trust site seal worth $119.00
128/256 bit encryption
24/7 phone, mail and web support
Starting at only $174.99 per year
$1,750,000 Relying Party Warranty
FREE 24/7 Technical Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Rp25.657.712.500 Rp2.606.220 9.9 Detail
Secures both NON-WWW and WWW domain (FQDN)
Automated domain name validation
Unlimited Server Licenses at no extra cost + Secure www & non-www domains
Fully automated provisioning process
Lifetime Reissue FREE!
Enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption
Compatible with 99% of current browsers
Present in 99%+ of mobile devices and smart phones
Dynamically-generated site seal with a time/date stamp that identifies your site as authentic and validated by a trusted 3rd party
$500,000 warranty
FREE 24/7 Technical Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Rp7.330.775.000 Rp835.330 9.9 Detail
High 256-bit encryption 2048 bit root Certificate
Fully Owned Roots (not chained) – Chained.
Assures customers of the web site’s true identity by displaying the GREEN Address bar and the organization and GeoTrust names in high-security browsers.
Provides highest level of web site identity verification to help foil phishing.
Increases customer confidence to maximize online sales potential.
Includes a True Site Seal identity verification – embedded organization name/date/time stamp
GeoTrust EV SSL Carry the warrnty for $1,500,000
FREE 24/7 Technical Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Rp21.992.325.000 Rp2.673.040 9.9 Detail

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