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Penilaian AplexHost

  • Keandalan
    9 / 10
  • Harga
    9 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    9 / 10
  • Dukungan
    9 / 10
  • Fitur
    9 / 10
Dinilai oleh Angela Olaru

Florida based hosting company with a good reputation

AplexHost is a Florida based hosting company offering a variety of professional hosting and domain services. Their team of specialists  provide a reliable and secure outlet to meet their customers' high demands. Their main focus is customer service and reliability and have been awarded in the industry for their professionalism and for their added security measures.

Uptime & Reliability


Nice 99.9% guarantee on all plans

I do like the fact that Aplexhost.com has an industry leading secure data center and inter connected network. They promise an uptime of 99.9% on all plans and data. This powerful network helps to maintain lightning fast website speeds and delivers quality performance to your domains output. Aplexhost.com uses a gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 20mbit connection with a multiple bandwidth provider. I also like that they are powered by Green Energy and use a state of the art backup power generator for extra protection.



Fairly standard hosting options

Aplexhost.com offers three different types of hosting packages to choose from. You  can choose between Economy, Deluxe and Business package. The standard economy plan includes 10GB of bandwidth, 1GB of disk space, free domain name, and 500 mailing lists. Their deluxe plan offers 3GB of disk space and 30GB of bandwidth. If your business is in need of more space then I would consider looking into their business plan. Aplexhost businesses plan offers 5GB of web space and 50GB of Bandwidth. All three packages offer month to month with no contract. Aplexhost.com web services is pretty much straight forward. When it comes to searching for a hosting provider, it is important to find a company that offers enough space to accommodate your businesses needs as well as a protected and dedicated server. Customer support is very important as well so make sure you look for a company that offers more than one line of communication. It is essential to have a live dedicated team that will help you troubleshoot if you ever run into an error or server issue. I like the fact that Aplexhost.com offers this type of support and set up.



Easy to use support system

Aplexhost.com has a great support system. They have a number of ways they can be contacted if your business has an issue that needs to be resolved. You can simply submit a ticket via their c-panel or right on their website. Aplexhost.com  can be reached by Email support@aplexhost.com or info@aplexhost.com They also have a live support on their website if you have an issue that needs to be addressed right away. If you wish to speak to someone over the phone you can simply give a customer service representative a call at :+1 (813) 438-3965.



Pricing is fairly typical for what you get

Their pricing is about average for the amount of space they offer.  I've seen packages that can reach as high as $25.00 and only offer 5GB of storage. The standard economy plan is only $5.95 and offers 1GB/10GB. Their  deluxe plan is 3GB/30GB for $8.95 and their business plan 5GB/50GB for $14.95. Aplexhost.com business plan in my opinion is the way to go. Most plans available on the internet go for 14.95 start at 10GB. A lifetime domain name is also available free of charge and no commitment to a contract. You can cancel at anytime.


Typical hosting company with nice features

After reviewing  Aplexhost.com hosting plan and domain management services, I would consider using their company for the simple fact that they offer a competitive priced hosting package and dedicated servers for your domain. It is very important to find a hosting company that is reliable and offers added security measures for your domain. Pros:
  • Competitively priced plans
  • Reliable customer services
  • Nothing really extraordinary about the services.

Ulasan Pengguna AplexHost

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Skor pelanggan untuk AplexHost

  • Keandalan
    10 / 10
  • Harga
    10 / 10
  • Mudah Dipakai
    10 / 10
  • Dukungan
    10 / 10
  • Fitur
    10 / 10

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Layanan Rentang Harga
Shared Hosting Rp86.290 - Rp216.800 Lihat Paket
VPS Rp724.350 - Rp1.391.410 Lihat Paket
Dedicated Server Rp1.435.640 - Rp2.320.220 Lihat Paket
Cloud Hosting Rp289.310 - Rp579.330 Lihat Paket
Website Builder Rp129.790 - Rp289.310 Lihat Paket
Layanan dan Harga diambil dari www.aplexhost.com

Harga, Paket & Fitur AplexHost tahun 2019

Paket Hosting Berbagi Pakai

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Harga Score
5 GB 153.6 GB Rp86.290 10
10 GB 256 GB Rp158.790 10
15 GB 307.2 GB Rp216.800 10

Paket Hosting VPS

Nama Paket Ruang RAM OS Harga Score
40 GB 2 GB Rp724.350 10
60 GB 4 GB Rp1.304.400 10
100 GB 8 GB Rp1.391.410 10

Paket Server Terdedikasi

Nama Paket Ruang RAM OS Harga Score
1000 GB 15.6 GB Rp1.435.640 10
1000 GB 15.6 GB Rp1.885.180 10
1000 GB 31.25 GB Rp2.320.220 10

Paket Hosting Awan

Nama Paket Ruang RAM Lebar Pita Harga Score
20 GB 1000 MB 1 TB Rp289.310 10
40 GB 1.95 GB 2 TB Rp434.320 10
60 GB 3.91 GB 3 TB Rp579.330 10

Paket Pembuat Situs Web

Nama Paket Ruang Lebar Pita Fitur Harga Score
Tidak Terbatas Rp129.790 10
Tidak Terbatas Rp216.800 10
Tidak Terbatas Rp289.310 10
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Lokasi Server

Amerika Serikat

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Periksa Perusahaan Hosting Sejenis
75 tinjauan
Mulai Rp216.800 / bulan
188 tinjauan
Mulai Rp42.780 / bulan
265 tinjauan
Mulai Rp65.260 / bulan

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